• The Ultimate Protection Company

  • A safety and technology product company that supports the automotive and surface industries. Our product lines are promoted through dealerships across North America. We answer the challenge that consumers face with clarity, and safety. Supra Companies has Developed a product line that creates lasting value for the consumer by extending the life expectancy of the products they have invested in. From science to real life use Supra Companies has bridged the gap for the end consumer. Bringing technology to the surface that strengthens, protects, and improves products in today’s marketplace. Businesses are creating fast growth for companies through word of mouth referrals from enthusiastic consumers who have fallen in love with our products. Our brand is rapidly expanding into new markets by creating a business model for trusted advisors of the service industries providing additional value added products to offer to their clients. This model has a proven track record of fast growth and consistent profitability as it reaches a larger portion of the marketplace with a quality product at a reasonable price.
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