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Supra-X™ Windshield Treatment

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Supra-X™ Windshield protection is a process that cleans your glass to “like new condition” and fills in all the peaks and valleys that glass naturally has. Supra-X™ decreases road glare and light refraction while driving so you have complete control for you and your passenger’s safety. This improves reaction time by up to 54% and stopping distance up to 100 ft. at highway speed. While increasing repellency; this makes rain, frost, snow and sand glide off your windshield. Also, dirt, mud and insects easier to remove.  Supra-X™ windshield protection has outstanding durability, long service life, high abrasion resistance and the fact that it is a polymer sealer (not a wax) which makes your windshield easy to keep clean and clear. Another benefit of Supra-X™ is to have Supra HD vision day & night!!     supra-new-logosupra x logo

What Supra-X™ Does for Your Windshield

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    • Enables glass to resist costly chips and cracks
    • Night driving is easier, with reduced glare
    • Snow and ice are easier to remove
    • Cleaning is fast and effective
    • Water runs off instantly
    • Improves clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time
    • Protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup 
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Supra-X™ Glass Treatment is a product that is outstanding

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The simple one-step product application can greatly improve clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time. Supra-X™ is a product that has outstanding durability, commercial grade service life, very high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Improving visibility during precipitation events and at night can improve your reaction time and create a safer driving experience for you and your family. When Supra-X™ is applied to your windshield, it makes visibility crisper as though you were looking through HD  Supra glass. supra x windshield protection      

How to protect my windshield from rocks

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Supra Clear Armor™ windshield protection will strengthen your windshield. stronger than your factory set windshield. While getting rock and stone chips is inevitable our scientifically engineered formula will chemically bond to your windshield for more clarity and durability. Our windshield protection will not yellow, build up, crack or peel. Since our formula is not wax based it is a more permanent solution to protecting your windshield. Contact us today for more questions about how you can protect your windshield form rocks or debris while driving on the road. Supra-from the box

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